Bracelet made of 925 silver - waffle and smooth squares

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Silver bracelet composed of bright and structured square eyelets.

$59.15 tax incl.

$59.15 tax incl.
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Bracelet length: 190 mm

Eyelet size: 6 x 6 mm

Bracelet weight: 5,4 g

Silver hallmarking - yes.


This 925 silver bracelet is a stunning jewel that brings harmony and strength to your life. Every other square on the bracelet is gridded, creating a unique texture that is reminiscent of ocean waves and sea net. The rest of the squares are smooth and bear a small oval hole in the centre, only completing this beautiful symbolism. The square links are connected by oval links and secured with a strong closure made of high quality material. This unique bracelet is suitable for every woman and man who wants to dazzle with its stylishness and desires to let every detail of a beautiful accessory shine through.


Unique symbolism hidden in the details


The symbolism of this bracelet is closely linked to the sea and its power. The sea holds secrets that unfold and change like the currents of the sea. So does this bracelet evoke the transformations we go through during our lives. The grid pattern of the bracelet symbolizes continuity and mutual support, which is particularly important given today's times. The round openings symbolise harmony and infinity. The fact that everything that ends also means a new beginning. This symbolism is hidden in every detail, which has been given great attention and precision in the production of the jewellery. This makes it a unique unisex accessory that will complement and brighten up any outfit and highlight your strongest qualities. It will give you confidence and respectability.


Suitable for every occasion and everyday wear


This bracelet is great for anyone looking for balance and harmony. Its simplicity and elegance mean it is suitable for any occasion, whether it's a work meeting or an evening party. Its versatility means it is suitable for both women and men. It catches every glance and brightens up its wearer. Moreover, the bracelet is very timeless in its craftsmanship, giving you the perfect accessory that you will use for many years to come. It will preserve all the important memories of the events you experience while wearing it, giving you the opportunity to recall any emotion you felt during these events. In addition, its design is simple enough that you can use it as an everyday accessory. Thanks to its light weight, only 5.6 grams, you will find the bracelet comfortable to wear.


Quality workmanship


Each bracelet is made of high-quality sterling silver with a purity of 925, which guarantees its durability and quality. Its silver shine will play softly on your wrist, and its timeless craftsmanship ensures that it will never look outdated. Its stylish and modern design makes this bracelet a great piece that shouldn't be missing in any jewellery box. Overall, this 925 silver bracelet is a great piece of jewellery for anyone looking for symbolism, harmony and strength in a simple and elegant form. With its texture that is reminiscent of ocean waves and a sea net, it will accompany you every step of the way, reminding you to stick to your course in life and support others around you.


Neptune collection

The unique symbol of the sea and power that is hidden in this bracelet made it the perfect accessory for our Neptune collection. This unique men's silver accessories collection is inspired by the Roman god Neptune, god of the sea and waters. It is made up of unique accessories for every man who wants to look confident, serious and timeless. It hides a certain amount of mystery and power. The men's collection can also be beautifully matched with the women's Salacia collection, which was inspired by Neptune's wife, the goddess Salacia. This will create the perfect matching jewellery for the perfect couple.