Precious and semi-precious stones


Gemstone is a mineral or a variety of mineral, valued for its exceptional aesthetical qualities and is mainly used in jewellery-making. A gemstone is virtually a synonym for a precious stone.


The qualities that make a gemstone what it is, include:

  • beautiful lustre and colour
  • purity
  • constancy
  • mechanical durability
  • scarcity in nature


The price of gemstones depends on their quality, size and scarcity and also the existence of the competition on the market and current trends. The price of gemstones increases along with their size.


Semi-precious stone is a mineral, which does not comply with one or more characteristics of a gemstone.



Amethyst belongs among the favourites in jewellery-making. It is a violet semi-precious stone, with varying shades of violet – from lilac, violet, dark violet to aubergine.

Its name derives from a Greek word “amethustos“ meaning not drunk. To this day, amethyst can help in battling the scourge that is alcohol. It brings clear thinking and sober senses. It has been called the stone of sobriety since the ancient times. Amethyst helps to sharpen the mind, helps to concentrate and improves the logical thinking. It also increases motivation, inner peace and heightens the attentiveness which increases the ability to learn and retain new information. It creates inner peace, harmony and balance, supports the intuition, inspiration and is recommended for people who suffer from nightmares. It can help with overcoming insomnia and protects from bad dreams. It can help with processing the grief after losing a loved one. It can help cure the headaches and migraine, healing the wounds and bruises. In this day and age, its protective function is crucial. Amethyst can protect us from other people's negative energy, evil eye and electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the computer screen or a microwave.

Amethyst is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


Citrine is one of the most popular and affordable precious stones on the market. Its name is derived from the French “citron“ meaning lemon.

The crystals typically have yellow and clear hue. The colouring is caused by the occurrence of iron in its structure, which is characteristic for its bright shade of yellow.

In the past, citrine was believed to be able to protect from the snake poisoning and negative thoughts. It used to be applied as a cure for depression during the long winters and rainy seasons.

The citrine is linked to wealth and it has been called the stone of success. It even has the power of helping to gain and keep the money. It protects the individual from being morally corrupted by the material wealth.

The citrine stimulates the brain functions, boosts the intellect, increases creativity and motivation. It does not absorb the negative energy from its surroundings, but rather transforms it into a different form of energy. Because of this quality it is not necessary to cleanse and energize the stone.

Citrine is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Taurus.


The name garnet derives from Latin “granatum“ meaning pomegranate seed.

There are more than 20 variations of this gemstone. They have diverse colouring; however, the red garnet is the most popular. The deep or even dark red is the first quality that comes to mind when thinking about the garnet colour. Many people have not heard about a garnet having a different colour. Nevertheless, the trends are ever-changing and these days it is the Demantoid with its emerald green coloration that is considered the most valuable.

Garnets are usually not artificially modified, because it does not increase their parameter value and the quality of the gemstone.

The garnet has a strong power of energizing, invigorating love, loyalty and helping to balance sexual desire. The stone enforces the relationships and increases interest in your partner. The red garnet in particular increases the sexual potency.

The garnet possesses the powers of regeneration, helping the metabolism, healing the back, spine and cell condition and lastly it helps in DNA recovery. It also assists with better absorption of the minerals and vitamins.

Garnet is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


Olivine, also known as “Crusaders' emerald“, is one of the less expensive, but gorgeous gemstones in single colour variation. The most popular is the intense dark green.

Looking back in history, the olivine's popularity reaches as far back as the ancient Egypt.

The olivine has the strong healing powers, beneficial to human body. It can aid with healing the gynaecological problems and indigestion, inflamed bowels, joints and gout. It helps with keeping the nice complexion in the cleavage area and increases the bust volume. It also has the power of invigorating one's life energy, prosperity and personal growth, power to eliminate the forgotten matters of the past and feelings of guilt and has a positive influence on one's emotional well-being. Olivine helps with strengthening the relationships and fueling the love between partners.

Olivine is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Virgo, Libra, Capricorn.




This is the gemstone with the powers of healing. Onyx, from Greek “onyx“, originally means fingernail. With its rich black colour, the onyx appeals mostly to men. However, many people seek out the onyx for its beautiful intense colour and gloss.

In the past, the onyx was often used in jewellery-making and used to be inserted in the precious jewels along with the royal gems such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. In the ancient Egypt, the onyx was utilized as a material for carving statues and containers, the ancient Romans used onyx to make impressive mosaics, in ancient India it was employed in religious ceremonies.

The onyx helps the couples with sexual problems and helps to relieve headaches. It is commonly used as a protection against the evil eye and the evil powers in general. It is also helpful in boosting the self-confidence. However, believing is crucial, otherwise the desired effect may not be reached.


The opal got its name from the translation of the sanskrit word “upala“ meaning precious stone.

The beauty of the opal lies in its iridescence. The unique colouring varies from stone to stone. The opal is known for its fragility – it contains 5 to 10% water.

The opal is most admired in its red and orange colour variation. However, it is the milky white opal that is the most sought after. In Mexico, the fire opal with its intense colour is the most valued variety.

Rumour has it that those owners of the opal gemstone who have not found their true love yet, or have been disappointed in someone, can find their other half with the help of the stone, that guides them. The opal stones are valued for their healing powers and for their ability to eliminate the depressing thoughts.

Opal is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces.


The pearl is the only gemstone, which develops inside the living organism. They are characterised by their lustre, shape and size. The freshwater pearls are the most known, they are, however, less precious, than seawater pearls.

Pearls in gold and pink hue are among the rarest and the most expensive. The most valuable are perfectly round pearls and the rule is, the more round the pearl is, the more expensive it gets.

The most common colours in pearls are creamy, golden, pink, black, silver and grey. The pearls with orient, i.e. the typical iridescent lustre, are more precious than the pearls with no orient. Every single pearl is unique in its colour, lustre, size and shape. These qualities are influenced by the environment and the pearl mussel.

Pearls have always been the indicator of prosperity and power. They bring the rationality and balance and can eliminate the negative energy and its effects.


The ruby is one of “The Big Three“ of gemstones, along with sapphire and emerald. It is also one of the four most expensive precious stones, the other ones being diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

Its name is derived from the word “rubeus” which is Latin for red. The ruby is a symbol of love and marriage and it is traditionally used as a secondary stone in engagement rings. It is sometimes embedded in jewels used as gifts for 40th wedding anniversary. Despite its seemingly prevalent colour, the ruby is never completely red. It usually displays different shades of red and it may show glints of other colours such as pink, violet, yellow and orange.

The lucky charm with inserted ruby represents an amulet of protection, passion and prosperity. The various studies shown that rubies have positive effects on human body – they help in increasing vitality, sexual appetite and energy and aid in improving physical condition. The rubies are considered an aphrodisiac, they are believed to increase sexual desire, passion and encouraging fidelity, but also wildness.

Ruby can assist in regulating the menstrual bleeding and alleviating the menstrual pain, it can heal the sexual disorders and is very effective in detoxication of the body and blood. Rubies can assist in increasing concentration, motivation, boosting self-confidence and overcoming shyness. It also drives people towards prosperity and success.

Ruby is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Scorpio.



According to some sources, the topaz gemstone was named after the island of Topasos in the Red Sea, other sources say its name is derived from the ancient language of India, in which “tapas“ means fire.

The topaz occurs in various shapes. The most preferred are heart-shaped and tear-shaped stones. The price of topaz is determined on the basis of the colour hue and intensity. The topaz is to be found in wide colour range. The most common are sea blue and orchid.

Natural topaz gemstone is usually colourless or very faintly coloured. This is the reason why topaz gemstones are treated to gain a desired colour – by employing the method of irradiation, the colour of topaz changes to blue and by the subsequent heat treatment the colour is stabilized.

The topaz is known as a stone of friendship – it cements the strength and sense of loyalty in true friendship and partnership. It brings peace and joy to one's life. In the past, the topaz gemstones were used to increase the intelligence that was capitalized on and transformed into prosperity. It protects us emotionally and lets us feel its protection. Topaz is the stone of trust and strength.

The yellow topaz is suitable for people born in November, the blue variety is compatible with December-born individuals.

The topaz is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Scorpio.


This semi-precious stone got its name from the French “pierre turquoise“ meaning Turkish stone. Interestingly, the turquoise gemstone is not mined in Turkey. The Turks used to trade in the turquoise and were its main European importers hence the name “Turkish stone“.

These semi-precious stones are rarely found in the characteristic pristine blue and green hue. Typically, they contain small brown, black or grey stains, also known as matrix. The sky blue turquoise stone is the most valuable, while the greenish-coloured turquoise is less desirable. In case the cobweb pattern, i. e. the matrix fits the stone, it can increase its value.

In the ancient history, the turquoise was used as a jewel and a healing stone. It is believed to protect from evil and greed. It used to be called the lucky stone. The stone can increase longevity, protect us from oversensitivity to outer influences, from mental abuse and from the effects of the environmental pollution.

Turquoise is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces.


The name sapphire derives from the Arabic “sapphyros“ meaning blueish. The typical colour for sapphire is blue, however, the sapphire occurs also in other shades. It is the blue sapphire that remains the most desirable and top-selling of all colour variations. The lighter the blue of the sapphire is, the less valued the stone is. The same applies to the sapphire that is too deep shade of blue. Other known colour variations include blue violet, white, yellow, orange, pink, violet, green, black and clear.

The sapphire gemstone belongs among the precious stones with adamantine lustre, gaining a high transparency after a thorough polishing treatment.

The sapphire gemstone is generally considered a stone of faith and spiritual purity, and is also described as a stone of the highest spiritual value. Its presence relaxes the mind, helps to increase concentration, clears away the negative and unwanted thoughts. It can also assist with eliminating mental turmoil, and getting rid of the feelings of anxiety, fear, angst and depressions. The sapphire is considered to be the symbol of truth and loyalty.

As for the physical health, the presence of sapphire can help to detoxicate the blood, purify the body and mind, it can aid in alleviating the pain, reducing bleeding, decreasing high blood pressure, mitigating the asthmatic symptoms and helping to eliminate nausea.


Sapphire is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Libra.



The name morion came from a Scottish word “morion, which is derived from Greek and means malign or hideous. In French translation “moreau“ means black. The surface of morion is lustrous and vitreous.

According to folk myths and traditions, the morion gemstone used to be called the stone of protection.

The morion gemstone is a stone with the powers of physical and psychic protection. Its presence eliminates negative thoughts, brings happiness, prosperity, wealth and abundance. It strengthens the concentration and eliminates the fear of failure – it boosts the confidence in one's abilities and helps the individuals to progress towards fulfilling their goals and ambitions. The presence of morion can decrease stress levels, alleviate fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger and other negative feelings and transforms them into positive energy.

Additionally, it can cure insomnia, it helps getting rid of nightmares and attention disorders and mitigates hyperactivity by inducing the feelings of calmness.

Regarding the physical body, the presence of morion helps to heal kidney problems, and cures difficulties with pancreas and reproductive organs. The morion gemstone has the properties to relieve and alleviate the pain. It also assists in eliminating the effects of electromagnetic energy.


Morion is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Libra.


The zircon is most frequently used stone in jewellery-making industry. It is probably the oldest known mineral on our planet. Its name is derived from a Persian word “zargun” which means golden-coloured.

Its hue is usually uneven, that’s why it is often being modified. We know various colours of zircon – from colourless and transparent to yellow, golden, orange, red, violet, blue, green or brown zircon. The most expensive one is the green zircon; however, it is very rare. Zircons are originally clear and have a glass-like gleam.

The zircon’s appearance gives the impression that it is very luxurious and noble. That’s why it is a very popular jewellery accessory. Colourless and clear zircons are a great substitute for diamonds.

The zircon expresses purity and nobility. It is considered an enriching mineral which brings to people profit, success, fortune, but also wisdom and respect. It improves appetite protects against adverse forces, brings self-confidence and good restful sleep, boosts creativity and improves memory. However, its positive features will have an impact only on those people who believe in its power.

Zircon is suitable for the following Zodiac signs: Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra and Taurus.

It is not suitable for people born under the sign of Pisces or Cancer.