Wedding rings


Wedding bands represent a symbol of your love, which you decided to seal with marriage vows. This magical day will be commemorated by two rings. You will wear them every day and they will show that you two belong together. Wedding rings symbolize the connection of two hearts.



Wedding bands should be of similar type (for man and also for woman), but they do not have to be exactly the same. The women's band can be embellished with a small rhinestone. On the other hand, men prefer smooth and straight lines without distinct decoration. It depends on the taste of both individuals.




Wedding rings are commonly adorned with engraving. It should remind the married couple of their special day, preserve feelings and carry the message, which represents a memory of the beginning of their life together. The most desired engraved sign is the date of the wedding or initials of the husband's and wife's name. Among modern patterns belong a longer dedication or love poem which is divided into two parts – one verse is written on one ring, the second one on another. If you want to read the whole poem, you need both rings. And as the verses create a poem, so you two create a family.



According to ancient traditions, the ring that is given out of love shouldn't be bought on Friday because it brings misfortune to the relationship. Be careful, the fall of the wedding ring to the ground during the wedding ceremony in the church can also cause bad luck. Whether you believe in traditions or not, try to avoid these things. We wish you a lot of happiness, nice moments together and unbreakable love until . . .