Titanium jewellery


Titanium is considered a model metal in the jewellery design industry as it has been used for less than 10 years. Despite this its popularity has increased. It has a steel-like, luxurious appearance; it is light, yet strong and durable. It successfully resists corrosion, even chlorine and sea water. That’s why you don’t have to take off titanium jewellery even when visiting swimming pool or vacationing by the sea.



In nature, the titanium exists only in the form of compounds. The most widespread are rutile and ilmenite. Significant reserves of these minerals are found in Australia, North America, Scandinavia and Malaysia. In jewellery, the titanium is used primarily in production of luxury wrist watches, piercings and rings. Jewellery made of titanium are characterised by long life, hardness, strength, light weight, low maintenance and good price.



Titanium compared to gold, silver or platinum is a lot harder and to damage jewellery made of titanium is very difficult. Furthermore, titanium is not harmful to health and is well tolerated even by allergy-sufferers. That is why it is the most often used material in piercing production, which penetrates skin in different places. Titanium has a low density and is 43% lighter than surgical steel or tungsten. Its only disadvantage is probably only that its surface can be scratched under pressure and it can react with some chemicals, causing it to discolour.



You can find a wide spectrum of titanium jewellery in our assortment. Especially piercings, which are harmless to health, resistant to corrosion after bathing in swimming pools or sea water and are light and low maintenance.


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